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SacBarCamp on the Web

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Presentation List

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Here is a list of the people that presented at SacBarCamp. Thanks for contributing! Feel free to comment with links to any additional resources.

  • Adam Kalsey – Coffee Roasting at home
  • Andy Ford – Pixel Precision with CSS
  • Ken Pepple – Sun Cloud Computing
  • Jerad Hill – Personal Branding
  • Zsavonne Heathcock – PR and Social Media
  • Steve Hansen – Verge Gallery
  • Rachael Lankford – Sacramento365
  • Michelle Arreguy – Only 2 Degrees
  • Sonny Mayugba – BiteClub
  • Jon Lee – MetroHubNetwork: Digital Signage for Retailers
  • Christopher Haupt – What is Webvanta? Sac Area Startup building SAAS for Designers
  • Willie Alberty – Behind the Badges – PDF Generation with Style
  • Ricardo Robles – Capsity Offices and Screencasting
  • Tamal White – Introduction to Ruby on Rails
  • David Onstenk – High Efficiency Engine Technologies
  • Greg Weber – HappStack – the unconventional web app framework
  • Adam Kalsey – Adding Voice to your websites
  • Eden Crane – XML
  • Brian Davis – BrickaBracka from the Kitchen Table

Photos on Flickr – SacBarCamp Tag

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Personalized Badge Info

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Spenlen Media will be create custom badges for all SacBarCamp attendees!

All we need you to do is make sure you are on the sign-up list, and send us this information:

- Company Name
- Twitter Handle
- Website (personal or business, your choice)
- Photo – set up an account on – It’s a free service that simply hosts an avatar photo based on your email address. It’s very simple to sign up for an account and upload, resize, and crop your photo. It is also integrated with other sites including WordPress, so check it out! (Photo should be at least 512×512; be sure to use the same email address as your BarCamp registration.)

Please e-mail this information to by Friday.

Presentation Ideas

April 15th, 2009 5 comments
  • Do you have an idea of a presentation you would like to share?
  • Have something you’re dying to learn more about?

Let us know what you want to present, see presented, or have a discussion about!

Presentation Ideas so far:
  • Tamal White – An Introduction to Ruby on Rails
  • Andy Ford – Pixel Precision with CSS
  • Adam Kalsey – “Home Coffee Roasting for fun and profit. Ok, not so much profit,” “Adding voice (phone) to web apps in 5 easy steps”, and “What’s this cloud computing stuff all about, anyway?”
  • Christopher Haupt, Webvanta – Scripting and other behind the scenes tips and tricks, LearningRails Podcast Live and open discussion about what’s coming up with Ruby on Rails
  • Jenna Langer – Social Media as a Backchannel during Disasters
  • Sonny Mayugba – BiteClub, a social resource for the restaurant and bar culture.
  • Sacramento 365 – Introduction & instruction of use: A free online event calendar & marketing resource for events/organizations/venues.
What people want to hear:
  • WordPress Tutorial
  • Mobile Technology (open to anything)
  • What are the latest projects happening in Sacramento?

Leave comments with your ideas!

How can YOU help?

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Want to be a part of SacBarCamp? There are several ways in which you can contribute. Here are a few:

  • Sponsor the event by donating:
    • Food
    • Drinks
    • Printing Services
    • T-Shirt Printing
    • Shwag
    • Money
  • Become a volunteer – we are looking for people to take charge of these aspects:
    • Steering Committee – Help planning
    • Food Czar
    • WiFi Guru
    • T-Shirt Master
    • Videographer
    • Podcaster
    • AV Coordinator
    • Music (band/DJ)
    • Photographer
    • “Pinger” – report before/during/after event
  • Volunteer your equipment for the event. We are looking to borrow:
    • Power strips
    • Projectors
    • A/V Cords

Please e-mail or leave a comment telling us how you would like to contribute. Thanks!

BarCamp…An introduction, SF Style

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Here is a good explanation of what BarCamp is (or can be) from 2006 BarCamp SF.

What is SacBarCamp?

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SacBarCamp, scheduled for April 25-26th, is an informal event where you will network, learn, and share with other Sacramento techies, helping to create a local community for our industry. We want to emphasize the Sacramento region by getting as many local companies and individuals involved. We are expecting to have all types of people – developers, publishers, bloggers, marketers, designers, students, networkers, etc.
In general terms…

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment (open source model). It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It is an international network of user generated non-traditional social conferences— open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

The idea is that the organizers provide a venue, some projectors and a blank schedule board. The attendees fill in the schedule with activities and presentations and create the actual conference content.